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Hello ACB readers!

This white + camel ensemble has been calling my name for while now. I absolutely love the off the shoulder trend right now; it’s so girly and sexy!

It’s not often I get dressed up to go out, so when I got asked to a happy hour date, I couldn’t wait to wear this dress. (I mean its only been in my closet since last fall so it was asking to be worn!)

The dress is H&M | bag is Valentino & slides are BCBG; both via Nordstrom Rack

I am off to get my braids re-done for the summer so I’ll be stuck in a chair for hours! In the meantime, I am sending you good vibes, happy thoughts, and love!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on IG, if you haven’t! You have all weekend!

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Xo, glor

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