Last Monday I attended an event at a local flowers farm, Greenstone Fields, called an Evening with Flowers. Here’s what I learned… the farm is a whopping 400 acres with five active farms on the property, they grow local organic flowers and everything that is grown is being used—nothing is wasted. I mean just seeing flowers at the grocery store or farmer’s market and I’m all giddy with excitement, so you can imagine my excitement when I was at a flowers farm of all places!

We talked and mingled under the most amazing summer day with temps just right for some homemade sips  by Greenheart Juice shop.

There was a DIY bouquet station where we could all make our own floral arrangements. Here’s how I made my bouquet:

wp-1468337710292.jpg wp-1468337710297.jpg wp-1468337849053.jpg wp-1468337849046.jpg wp-1468338069598.jpg

wp-1468337556643.jpg wp-1468344480067.jpg wp-1468344480063.jpg

I got to meet Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something – she’s a stylist genius and can’t hardly wait to hang with her soon.

Thanks for having me, Greenstone Fields! Looking forward to more visits to your amazing farm.

{See MORE pictures on my Facebook Page!}


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