Weekends at home with my  Little A are coveted; we relish in every waking moment to make sure that we both take advantage of the slower pace from our early morning routines of wake-up-breakfast-go. I am completely aware of how that must sound but you know, our lives our hectic during the week, and I give my little girl kudos for being a morning champ! She wakes up not crying 95% of the time, brushes her teeth, and onto breakfast and mini cuddle sesh with her kitty. And she even dresses herself and gets her shoes on all by herself!

blanket scarf - alwayscreatingblog.com blanket scarf - alwayscreatingblog.com

On those weekends where we’re running errands or going to back-to-back birthday parties, my go-to outfit is this hunter green maxi. It’s super comfortable and I pair it with this light crew neck sweater for a monochromatic look, especially in the fall because I can totally take off the sweater if it gets too hot or just wrap the scarf around my neck to keep warm. I love the minimalistic look of paring a cozy sweater over a dress for an effortless #momlife style for running errands. I paired it with these animal print boots. And this blanket scarf is totally on trend to keep me stylish and warm; I’d say it’s a win-win!

This past weekend was an absolutely fantastic weekend filled with so much love for my Little A and I’m excited to share more with you soon, but until then see you on Insta!

P.S. Little A took these pictures, lol, I’m so proud of her! It’s nice to have a tall five-year-old who can now take photos of my outfits—thanks baby girl for taking these photos!

What’s your favorite fall accessories or go-to outfit?


Deets // dress: H&M | Sweater: Target | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (via Nordstrom) | Scarf: Nordstrom Rack

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