If you’re like me you’re probably thinking how is it already April! I’m not complaining…lol, just looking forward to some much needed beautiful spring weather and spring blooms!

I’m always excited to begin a new month because with each new month I feel brings an opportunity to start anew. Whether I’m working on a personal goal, like losing weight, learning a new language, learning to take care of myself more, or just living a more intentional life. A new month is a perfect time to kick-off a new habit or routine.

Here are some of my favorite things from March: my new Zara embroidered sweater // thrifted straw hat via Goodwill.


The path in front of you is rarely a straight line. It’s full of bumps … Embrace the bumps in the road. –Ellen Bennett

P.S. some snaps from my Insta lately! Drop your IG handle below so I can check out your page. Mine’s @AlwaysCreatingBlog, see ya there!

Happy April, friends!





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fashion and lifestyle blog inspired by endless pursuit of creativity + happy

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