Happy Summer Solstice, friends!

Nothing says summer like enjoying your favorite iced cold refreshing beverage, like coffee or tea. Except I don’t have a favorite in either category. I’m more of a berry or tropical smoothie person especially after my morning workout if I want something cold + refreshing. In fact, I have never had an iced coffee or tea before in my life. When I was in college I started drinking coffee to help me stay up to study, but sadly, it was bad for my skin. I would break out like crazy and this deterred me from ever drinking coffee again….until now.

For whatever reason yesterday though, I had a strong craving for an iced coffee. It could have been the heat, but whatever the reason, I wanted one. So like any normal person would do I posted a question on my personal Facebook profile asking my friends to recommend their favorite iced coffee drink.

Me: I’ve never had iced coffee before. Dunkin or Starbucks or 7/11?

I got the following suggestions:

  • iced vanilla latte (Starbucks)
  • iced caramel macchiato! (Starbucks)
  • mocha iced coffee (McDonald’s)
  • iced caramel macchiato-upside down
  • vanilla macchiato

After reading everyone’s comments {thanks to my amazing friends, BTW}, I tried an iced coffee lightly sweetened with 2% milk from Starbucks. My first impression was that it was okay, not exactly what I expected, although I don’t know what I expected really.

To kick-off the first day of summer, I am challenging myself to try out each of the suggested drinks in hopes of finding one I love. If you have some suggestions, please let me know what your favorite iced coffee AND tea drinks are in the comment. It could be from Starbucks or McDonald, or store bought. No limits, I’ll do my best to try them all and report back! Only thing is I don’t like caramel and I definitely don’t like super sweet drinks.

First up though, is this large iced coffee (no caramel) from McDonald that my fiancé got for me this morning. I didn’t even tell him how to order it, I just asked for an iced coffee. He knows me so well! {Thanks my love!} Unlike the one I had from SB yesterday, McD’s iced coffee is my new favorite. It was the right amount of sweetness and cream, super refreshing and met my expectation! I will definitely try it again!

Summer Solstice 2017!

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24 replies on “My First Iced Coffee + Challenge

  1. I’m very skeptical When it comes to coffee cause I usually make it myself at home and that’s what I like. Starbucks, personally, has the worst coffee though my friend said the blond roast is the best. Dunkin in New York for some reason tasted watered down but I can deal with their iced coffees. So I have to try McDonald’s now cause everyone swears by them.



  2. I can’t believe you’ve never had an iced coffee before! I used to work at a coffee shop and lived on iced coffee! haha. I will have to try some of these drinks! They all sound so tasty!


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