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7 Bridesmaids Dresses I Love

How many times have you seen bridesmaid dresses so horrendous that you shriek in horror of the ugliness?

It’s 2017 so lots of brides are creating their very own custom weddings from their gowns to bridesmaids dresses. Which brings me to today’s post. I wanted to share some dresses I loved while I was looking for dresses for my bridesmaids. With so many styles/colors/textures to choose from I know it can be a challenge to choose dresses that flatter your girls and yet still compliments your wedding theme/style.

For my wedding, I wanted something unique for my bridesmaids’ dresses, something that looked completely customized, and yet looked effortlessly pulled together. I knew the colors I wanted but I was unsure about the styles. However, I did want each bridesmaid to have a dress that was unique to their personalities/style; a dress that they could potentially wear again and it would not feel like a bridesmaid dress. With that in mind, I selected my dresses with some rushing detailing and closely blended colors that would tie them all together into a cohesive look + feel. In the end, the dresses happily compliment my ivory lace bohemian bridal gown and overall wedding theme/colors.

My advice on how to make the process fun + easy, check out these seven key things to keep in mind when shopping for and selecting your bridesmaids’ dresses. I hope you find these helpful. DM via Instagram or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

💕 Stick to your theme/color.

💕 Pick dresses you would wear.

💕 Your BM dresses don’t have to match.

💕 Let your girls choose their style, trust me.

💕 Be flexible on color choices.

💕 Make the process easy for the girls, too.

💕 Don’t stress, there is a dress style for everyone.

💕 What do you think about these dresses?

all dresses via David’s Bridal // Not a sponsored post, just an honest opinion.

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