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BootayBag x Always Creating Blog

BootayBag x Always Creating Blog

Hello loves!  Happy Saturday and welcome to the weekend!

I am so excited to share today’s post with all of you because this is a wedding update post made even more exciting by my new partnership with the amazing brand, BootayBag!

BootayBag x Always Creating Blog

It has been awhile since I have shared any of my wedding plans so here’s the update: wedding planning is done! Yay, so so excited you guys, I am having a mimosa as I write this post! Hehe… anyway, with the stress over wedding details now behind me I can now focus on the BIG DAY–which is fast approaching–YAY! The invitations are going out this weekend.  Next up: honeymoon, which leads me to today’s sponsored post.

BootayBag is a lingerie company that is reinventing the way women buy underwear. And I am extremely happy to partner with them for some beautiful underwear for my honeymoon. With so many different styles to choose from, BootayBag has one for every style in a variety of sizes, delivered monthly for free directly to your door! And get this: they support the Melanoma Foundation by donating $1 for every selfie you share on social with your BootayBag undies! {I will be sharing mine, of course, because I like to support the cause!}BootayBag x Always Creating Blog

BootayBag Style Options

  • Mix It Up: A combo of cheeky panties and thongs, this is for the girl who likes any kind of panty and isn’t afraid to branch out.
  • Only Thongs: Self explanatory right, only thongs… any kind of thong but only thongs!
  • Never Thongs: Full coverage, sexy, but still comfortable!

BootayBag is a recurring monthly subscription that will charge $12 each month.

BootayBag x Always Creating Blog

From the time I ordered my bag and when it arrived at my door, the experience was super easy and it came fairly quickly! All orders must be placed on or before the 15th of every month to receive a bag for that month. If the order is placed after, you will receive your bag the following month. And all U.S. orders are shipped free; there is a shipping fee for International orders.

Thank you so much, BootayBag for my beautiful panties! I cannot wait to wear them!

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember to follow me on Instagram!

All opinions are mine  // Sponsored by BootayBag

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