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Falling for Fall

Happy Saturday! It’s the first day of October and we are now in the last quarter of the year–the most exciting three months of the year with Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas right around the corner! It is finally feeling like fall here in Northern Virginia and we are excited for the cool down. This week, like the previous ones have been busy and we have been pushing onward + forward through our daily routines of work + school.

On the agenda for this weekend, for me anyway, is a long list of to-do and I am always very enthusiastic about checking off my to-do list so, at the very minimum I hope to check-off  80%! Wish me luck… One of the things I really want to accomplish though is complete some editorial work for a brand sponsored post coming soon to ACB. And if I have a little more time and I’m not too tired, I am going to be doing some work in my home office so I can finally publish the makeover + reveal.

Little A dressed herself in Hello Kitty tulle dress + crossbody bag (both via H&M) // and yes, she’s wearing a tulle skirt underneath her dress–definitely something I have done before! #likemotherlikedaughter

Our front door is starting to look like fall! I love this ‘Trick or Treat’ welcome mat (via Ross; $6.99) // And these beautiful large plant containers full of huge mums  + purple fountain grass are the perfect mix to help welcome the kids to our home on Halloween! (via Home Depot; $24.98 ea.)

Go big or go home – potted plants container with fall mums + purple fountain

Casual Friday in camel poncho + maroon suede hobo bag (vintage; thrifted circa 1999)

Lastly, my plan is to get the house all decked out in Fall / Halloween decor. I went to the Dollar Tree and got tons of Fall / Halloween decorations for the house; I absolutely love this time of year. As Little A gets older she gets more excited about Halloween and that makes me so excited! For some reason celebrating Fall activities like pumpkin patch / Halloween with kids is so much more! {I know all they care about is all the sweets + candies, but you know, for me as a mom, I love seeing the excitement on her face and in her voice.} She has already decided what she wants to dress up as for Halloween. Can you guess what she wants to dress up as?

So guys, those are my plans for this weekend. What do you have going on? How are you getting your home ready for Fall / Halloween? What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy October Month!








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