#Momlife: Co-Parenting Tips For Sending Your Kid On Summer Vacation With Her Dad

This post is a couple of days late, but better late than never. This past weekend was an emotional one for me. My Little A went on vacation… for a month! That is a whole month, you guys! Her Dad and I have been co-parenting since she was little so her going away is nothing new, but still emotional nonetheless. It is not easy to watch your little one go away for an extended period, trust me, I know.

Here are a couple of important thoughts on how I managed the process so it’s easier for both her, her Dad and me.

Discuss the schedule and plan ahead. Months ago, her Dad and I started talking about her summer break in LA. We discussed schedule (dates) and how long she would be gone for. We kept each other updated on flights, dates, and pick-up + drop-off times. This allowed me to get her ready in terms of packing her mini suitcase, getting my emotions in check, and most importantly spend some quality time with her before she left (which we did last weekend). When you’re sending your kid on summer vacation with their other parent it is so important to plan ahead to avoid any confusion.

Communication. We all know the importance of communication not just in terms of knowing the schedule as I mentioned above, but also sharing some guidelines in terms of ongoing communication while the child is away. We talked about how Little A and I will stay in touch (via Facetime and phone calls). Setting this ground rule of sorts will ensure that I still have access to her while she is away and vice versa.

I’m going to miss her calling my name like 100 times in a day… going to miss her hugs… going to miss her laugh… but I am not going to miss her 7:30 am wake-up time on a Saturday so we can go to McD for hash browns.

Now, with all that said, pour me a glass of wine!

Photos by my Little A // Thanks, babe! Have fun in LA!

I love you!

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