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Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32

Imagine you’re reading this post on Monday, which was two days ago. And because I have taken my sweet time to actually publish this post let’s get into my weekend recap post.

So guys, I have been on cloud nine since Saturday because my Little A returned from her vacation and it was so good to see/hug/talk to her IRL! I had missed her for so long as you guys know from my social media posts! After a day of family time, we had to deal with some serious jet lag + sleep routine. I couldn’t get her to wind down and so I finally gave in and slept in the bed with her. She did better Sunday night, and she’s been slowly getting back to East coast time…Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32

Just as I was starting to enjoy our mommy &me time again I found out that the first day of school is NOT after Labor Day. I became emotional learning that she’s going to be in Kindergarten (I still am), I mean, I knew it was coming, you know, whether it is two weeks from now or a month, I would still feel the way I do. I have to do a proper post on this because it’s such a huge milestone for us both and I want to properly document it.

Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32
The other big thing I did this past weekend was do wedding day hair trial. And boy am I glad I did because it turns on out sometimes style inspiration on Pinterest doesn’t turn out the same IRL! Sigh, so I’m kiiinda back to square one and I hope to have it sorted out before the big day! And last but not least, we did menu tasting for the wedding, yay! And everything was so delicious! I cannot wait for our guests to try the food and signature drinks!Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32

Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32I have photography/flowers/makeup details to closeout and I’ll be set. Everything else is styling details that I need to work through. I even did a mock styling on Sunday, which I am so excited to share once I have all the photos edited. As usual, I will do a dedicated post for each of these topics and will post them in the Wedding section of the site so don’t worry, there will be more content. Be sure to sign-up for my blog updates so you get updates as I post directly in your inbox!

Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32

Motherhood: Weekend Recap // Week 32

Thank you all so much for reading! See you on IG!

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