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If you’re looking for Instagram aesthetic, this is the perfect preset to use with Lightroom to streamline your feed to get a professional, consistent page. These presets will give your images a modern, trendy, Instagram look—inspired by my personal feel. These are the exact same presets I use to create my feed! With just one click + few tweaks to exposure and color, these presets will give you similar results similar to those pictures in the listings images.

I’ve created these presets for Lightroom Mobile based on vibrant amber tones and white contrast; this ultra-modern preset will give to your photo a fresh and cohesive style. It can also be used for rustic weddings, outdoor sessions, travel and lifestyle shots. This is the exact same presets I use to achieve my cohesive page on IG!

️Included in your digital download:

  • – 5 MOBILE Lightroom Presets in .DNG format
  • – 1 Quick Instruction in .JPG forma
  • – 1 Text file (in .txt format) with a link to the preset

️ You can use presets with free mobile App (iOS or Android)

️ These presets are quick, one-click, yet fully adjustable and customizable to fit your taste, style and lighting conditions.

All of my presets have been tested on a variety of images and they are very versatile.

In most cases these presets are one-click magic, but please remember that all presets work differently on every image and because every image is different (shot in different light/camera/raw, etc.) you will likely need to tweak the edit (exposure/white balance/vibrance/saturation/shadows) after the preset is applied.


Refunds are not available for any of our products since they cannot be returned once downloaded, however we will always be more than happy to assist with any questions. If you have any issue downloading the presets, let me know and I will send it to you via email.

TERM OF USE: You can use the presets on your personal photos or business photos, but you’re not allowed to share or resell my presets (as is or with adjustments). Please do share with friends.


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