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This post is sponsored by Ventev Mobile // All opinions + content are mine.

A couple of months before our wedding I received an email from the Ventev Mobile team, saying that they wanted to send me an engagement present. I had no idea what was coming but when the box arrived I was beyond excited to see what was inside…

{Ventev Mobile x Always Creating Blog}
Never left our honeymoon suite without my Ventev Mobile!

Below are some IG stories of my experience with their amazing gift… I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Ventev Mobile charging devices definitely was a lifesaver during our wedding and especially on our honeymoon. I am a huge Instagrammer—I’m on the app from when I wake up until bedtime. With 30K followers there is a ton of comments and engagement not only with my posted content, but I also love engaging with my followers’ content, too. Between my emails, IG, Facebook, Twitter, and Email, and taking a zillion photos I am constantly on my phone, lol, which means my phone battery burns out faster than I would like. By mid afternoon I need to recharge my phone so having Ventev Mobile chargers on the go means I don’t miss out on any instagrammable moment.

And with the help of Ventev Mobile, I was able to capture photos like these on our honeymoon! You will not believe how many times my Ventev Mobile chargers have come in handy on the beach, our excursions to a remote island, horseback riding and zip lining. I am so thankful for all the beautiful memories I was able to capture with my husband. He even got to use my Ventev charge too for his iPhone!

{Ventev Mobile x Always Creating Blog}

{Ventev Mobile x Always Creating Blog}

{Ventev Mobile x Always Creating Blog}

Thank you, Ventev team for your amazing + thoughtful gifts! I am forever grateful!

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