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Weekend Beach Getaway Recap

Hi ACB readers!

Monday was a rough day full of endless meetings and no time in the day to actually sit down to churn out this post. Normally I would have this scheduled and ready to go Sunday evening but we got back so late and you know life happens and that’s okay. Life always has its own plan even you have it all planned out.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed and needing some rest and relaxation, and that is exactly what this weekend was all about—quick getaway to the beach for some sun, fun, and relaxation. I didn’t have time to take some pictures with my Canon (because that was the whole point—to unplug, and just live in the moment). There is nothing better than quality time with family—it always gives me the internal push I need to face my BUSY life and any challenges.

Work is getting so extremely busy for me and I have been so swamped that I cannot even take a few minutes to work on content for the blog or even post on Insta, but it will all get better I’m sure of it. As long as I’m focused on my little girl and take care of myself then everything will be fine. I’m learning that sometimes life presents to us what we are capable of handling, and I definitely know that I have to go out there and get my happiness.

Speaking of happiness, here are a few snaps from our weekend beach getaway.

Palms in nature: a sign that surf and sand is close by!

Both of our hats are from Goodwill. I love hers with the flowers adornment, so cute!

My golden sunshine! I love seeing sand on her and salty see water in her hair! (We lost one of these Frozen dolls in the ocean).

I mean what’s better than prosecco and chardonnay on the beach!

My precious beach bum–she absolutely loves the beach and I am just so happy to take her any chance I get even just for a short weekend stay.

Hat was thrifted from Goodwill // top and shorts from H&M

We saw a watermelon farm! I have never actually seen on before so it was nice to see a field of them!

Hi ‘melons!

Say cheese! We did a little bit of shopping // My romper is from Target and her dress is from H&M.

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